Fluval 06 series - the best canister filters for your fish

Fluval 06 series filters are the best canister filters on the market today. While Eheim filters operate very quiet, the Fluval 06 series canister filters own a high flow rate and smart design to keep your aquarium clean for a long time.

Fluval 06 series canister filter features

The Fluval 06 Series filters offer several state-of-the-art features to ensure reliable operation and trouble-free maintenance for you aquarium. The Fluval canister filters provides 35-55% more volume than would be possible with round canisters of the same outer dimensions by the increased volume resulting in a greater mass of filter material and a larger filtration area.


The Fluval motor is hermetically sealed to ensure reliable operation and it does not require coolant. Besides the impeller, there are no moving parts.

  • Advanced filtration system providing maximum versatility and premium performance for aquariums up to 100 gallons
  • Instant priming for convenient, simple and quick filter start up; No manual siphoning
  • High output motor is sealed in epoxy to resist high temperatures for performance and safety
  • AquaStop Valve offers an air- and water-tight seal permitting hosing to be disconnected without breaking the vacuum
  • High pump output
  • 3-year warranty

There are four models for aquariums from medium to large, up to 100 gallons.


Fluval 06 series setup and maintenance

Pre-assembled components and pre-packed media for easy set up. Twin foam prefilters efficiently trap waste and debris. Increase flow and reduce maintenance. The chemical and biological media are housed in different modules, allowing maximum versatility. Use different filter media and media configurations. Change just what you want when you want to change it.


Quick and trouble-free maintenance. Fulval's Aqua-Stop feature stops the water flow without the need to disconnect the hoses, which means no mess. The ribbed, opaque hosing bends and turns easily without kinking and makes installation and removal easier while supporting better water flow. New hose rim connector and clog-free intake strainers. Lift-lock clamps securely lock the cover in place and are easy-one-motion connections.

All you need for setup and maintenance are included, easy-to-follow DVD instructions also come with the product ensuring even a beginner can install their filter easily.

Whether you have a 20 gallon aquarium (Fluval 106) or up to a 100 gallon one (Fluval 406), these filters are going to really satisfy your needs with the easy to clean filters and quiet operation. They are easy to assemble and install as well as allow for easy cleaning.