Caring baby Guppies and best fish tank, filter, foods for them

Baby guppies are a great project for anyone that loves keeping fish especially if your new to it. Keeping and caring for baby is pretty simple but you have to keep a few things in mind; like where are you going to keep them when their born, will they stay in the main community fish tank or will you put them into a separate tank?




If your going to keep them in that main fish tank there are a few things that you need to do to help your new baby guppies survive, you need to make sure there are plenty of places for the babies to hide in, things like rocks, caves and plenty of aquarium plants like java moss. Another thing that you can do to help is if you notice the expecting female hiding and acting strange, this could mean she is ready to give birth to her babies and you should put some food in the tank to keep the other fish occupied and turn off the lights to keep her stress levels down and protect the babies a little more.




If you are going the other route with your baby guppies and going to keep them in a separate fish tank then the main problem with this is getting the female before she gives birth otherwise you will have to try and catch the babies with a net once they are born, sure this is can be a pain but over all the survival rate tends to be higher than just in the main tank.


Both way have pros and cons and there isn’t a perfect way, it all depends on your own needs and space. Keeping more than one fish tank is a lot more work which some people are happy to do (like me!). You may need an a good aquarium filter for less maintenance.




Feeding is the other big thing that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to raising healthy baby guppies, things such as what you feed them and how often can really affect how quick or slow they grow. Live micro freshwater aquarium fish foods are the best for all baby fish especially baby guppies, foods such as infusoria, microworms, baby brine shrimp and daphnia. There are also some very good, highly nutritional powdered foods that guppies love. The main think that should be remembered when it comes to feeding your baby guppies is little and often and make sure you remove all uneaten food before it starts to rot and pollute the water.